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What does Ryan Mallett Replacing Ryan Fitzpatrick say about the Houston Texans? posted on 11/06/2014
The Houston Texans are making a big change to their identify as they are benching starter Ryan Fitzpatrick for fourth-year Ryan Mallett. This will be Mallett’s first start as the Texans take on the Cleveland Browns after their bye week.
Head coach Bill O'Brien made the announcement at his Wednesday press conference of the quarterback change, insisting that the change is coming not because of Fitzpatrick’s performance, or lack thereof, but simply wanting to change things up to see what Mallett can do under center, and see unique qualities he brings to the Texans’ offense.
And this is not a one game experiment as O’Brien plans on spending a few games at the least on the Mallett experiment.
Now while this sounds all well and good to the public. It was just that, sweet talk. The perfect mix of praising Fitzpatrick’s efforts thus far and downplaying Mallett’s assent to starting quarterback is a clear PR move as everyone can see Fitzpatrick’s on-field performance has been less than stellar as the Texans rank 28th in passing offense with 209.7 yards per game. He’s done nothing to elevate Houston’s offense

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The 2014 Houston Texans Report Card posted on 09/19/2014

The worst team in the NFL struggled to a 2-14 record last season. Long-time quarterback Matt Schaub self-destructed, and threw an NFL record of pick-six in four straight games. He eventually left in the off-season for the Oakland Raiders, and now the team has to rebuild without their long-term starter.

Coach Bill O’Brien will have to work with quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick to resurrect the team offense. In case Fitzpatrick fails to live up to O’Brien’s expectations, rookie Tom Savage could take on the job. Savage is young and raw but is blessed with a big arm and could fit well on O’Brien’s scheme of things.

The Texans supporting cast is shaky at best. Arian Foster has been injury prone the past few years and this was evidenced by his eight-game stint last season. The same goes for Andre Brown.

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